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Diamond is the birthstone of April

Part one ~ overview: These sparkly (and let's be honest pricey) little things come in all shapes, sizes, cuts and colours. If you're tentatively considering dipping your toe into the world of diamonds, maybe for a future marriage proposal then I appreciate researching these fascinating miracles of nature (unless lab grown, but that's a story for another week) can be a bit of minefield.  In the previous two posts alone I have featured a cushion shape old cut diamond and round cognac diamonds in Sonya's engagement ring, round bright cut diamonds in Anna's inherited ring, and below, to the left we have industrial diamonds and to the right a marquis shape diamond.
Diamond rings

So where do you start? You can ask me of course! Or you can read more about various cuts, colours and shapes on my website here.  And what on earth are the four C's?  Well you can read my concise guide here along with ethics and sustainable practices. 
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