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Applauding our NHS and key workers, through bespoke jewellery stories.

Rosie and her husband are working tireless doing their bit to feed the country from their Butchers & Larder – Dugard & Daughters in Hearnhill and Earlsfield.  I’m a vegetarian, but I’ll forgive them for that! 

Diamond cluster ring to be remodeled
10 years ago Rosie was gifted a diamond cluster ring by her mother-in-law.  When she came to see me a few month ago the center diamond was lost and it had experienced a fair amount of wear-and-tear over the years (pictured). Rosie asked if I could replace the missing diamond with a slightly bigger one from another ring she had. I started work to rejuvenate it just before Covid-19 struck, so unfortunately production came to an abrupt halt. But here is the story so far...

Rosie and I discussed remodeling and creating a completely new, more contemporary design which would incorporated the diamonds from both rings, but in the end Rosie decided she loved the style of the original cluster ring so much, that we settled on remaking that to fit the larger diamond. We would also use the platinum from the ring we were taking the diamond from and add more platinum to it to make it more substantial so it will  stand the test of time to be passed down to her children and generations to come.

26 April 2020:

So far we have removed all the diamonds and started to cut out the top plate for the cluster head to fit the diamonds. This is just the beginning, but follow the progress over the coming weeks. To be kept up to date, join my newsletter by adding your email to the box at the bottom of the home page.

Diamonds removed from rings

Layout of diamonds for top plate

Making the top plate

cutting out top plate

Cutting out top plate

Progress Update 23 May 2020:

Rosies's ring is almost finished. The following photo's show the finished top plate cut out.  The wires for the claws were then fitted to finish the head of eh ring. 

Platinum-head-for -cluster-ring-cut-out -amanda-mansell-bespoke

platinum-head-for -cluster-ring-cut-out -amanda-mansell-bespoke

claws-added-to-platinum-head-for -cluster-ring-amanda-mansell-bespoke

claws-added-to-platinum-head-for -cluster-ring-amanda-mansell-bespoke

The platinum of the single stone ring, which we took the diamond from to use in the new cluster ring, was melted down. More platinum was added and then it was rolled down into rectangular wire to make the shank of the ring. 






15-platinum-wire-rolled-out-for ring-amanda-mansell-bespoke




The finished ring all assembled!  You can see the difference in quality and craftsmanship between the original 18ct white gold ring and the new platinum one!





The next steps are to set the diamonds, polish it and hallmark it. To be kept up to date on the progress and to see Rosie's finished twinkly ring, join my newsletter by adding your email to the box at the bottom of the home page, or follow my Instagram page.


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