What they say...

I take real pride in the craft of designing and making the highest quality jewellery. When I work with clients I want two things: to create their perfect piece of jewellery. And to give them a fabulous and valuable service. A service so good they go away delighted. So they come back for more. And they bring their friends!

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s work we’ve done for some of our clients (and what some of our clients have said about us)...

Victoria Clarke

Engagement and wedding rings

And you are brilliant xx”

Steve Williams

Engagement ring

“Amanda, just to let you know the day went perfectly and Jo absolutely loves the ring. It's so beautiful. Thank you for all your time and patience, and for steering this in the right direction.”

Androulla Iona

Bespoke Button made for Stepping Stone ring. Using stone from dads ring.

“I am looking at my ring, as I have been since I picked it up and am thrilled to own such a special piece that does so many things.

I wanted to give you a hug as I left but I thought that might be too Greek - just know I really love my ring and all it's interchangeable buttons and I am very grateful for your help in selling the pieces that made the newest button possible.

It also feels a bit like I have got a present from my dad 39 years after he died. I know I will see you again.”

Rob Shaddock

Necklace to commemorate 5th wedding anniversary

"I was immediately attracted by the originality of Amanda's designs when looking for a custom necklace. Despite being on opposite sides of the Atlantic we were able to easily work together and settle on a design that was exciting, is admired by everyone that sees it, and loved by my wife. The design is original, perfectly captured the brief and is beautifully executed."

Angelika and Andrew

Thank you card

Angelika and Andrew

Friendship / wedding rings

Angelika and Andrew Clark

Engagement and Friendship / wedding rings

“Andy and I were looking for a jeweller that was able to work with us on a slightly unusual request of pair of friendship rings. We wanted to have something Scottish and German and something red. With Amanda’s openness, her knowledge and her team of experts, we achieved a pair of beautiful platinum and Ruby rings utilising the words LOVE and LIEBE. A few years later these rings were to become our wedding rings.

My engagement ring, also one of Amanda’s creations sits so perfectly next to our wedding rings and is a delight of rubies and diamonds.

Amanda has been so easy to work with, delivered rings for us that we are proud to call our own and we loved every short trip up the road to Hatton Gardens and being part of the process.”

Eileen and Mark Greenwood

Cocktail ring (Birthday memories)

"Over the past 10 years my husband and I have commissioned and bought some wonderfully designed pieces of jewellery from Amanda. This included our wedding rings, some diamond earrings and a pair of cufflinks set with tiny rubies. Most recently for a big birthday Amanda designed and made a stunning cocktail ring by recycling jewellery that I had inherited over the years. The result is a uniquely beautiful 'birthday memories' ring that will become a family heirloom in due course.

The main reason that we continue to go to Amanda is not only for her talented design and craftsmanship but also for her empathetic and facilitative approach when working with us to develop a design. Starting out with just a rough idea of what we wanted, Amanda spent a lot of time working with us to help develop our ideas. In every case the designs were unique and remained true to the spirit of what we discussed at the outset.

Each piece that Amanda has made for us tells its own unique story, not only of what it celebrates but also how it evolved from a tiny idea to a beautifully handcrafted bespoke piece of British design.

We feel very fortunate to be able to input to the work of such an exceptionally talented designer."

Lizzie and Richard Carissa

Reminiscence ring: 70th birthday gift

“My husband offered me a piece of jewellery for my 70th. Although Richard and I have different tastes but we were both drawn to Amanda’s designs, in particular the Reminiscence rings. We were able to discuss having a ring made and you gave us lots of time with no pressure. It was a delight to come to your workshop, and the build up to actually receiving the ring made it much more exciting than finding something in a shop.

I continue to have enormous pleasure from this beautiful ring. I love its flexibility, being made up of three pieces. I wear all three, but often just one on its own, or two. It has been hugely admired, not just by friends, but by other people who have spotted it. This is a special piece that has earned it’s place as a family heirloom.“

Yanni Andreopoulos

Engagement ring

“I decided to commission an engagement ring as I had a very specific theme in mind, but not a specific design, and needed an expert to help tease out the right piece. After chatting to a friend who recommended Amanda I had the chance to sit down and chat with her about the ring, the idea, and my relationship with Molly.

I explained the theme and why it was important and what I wanted to convey. Amanda was amazing at listening, asking the right questions and coming up with a variety of ideas to help crystallize my thinking. Once we agreed the design (which was totally bespoke) she was amazing at producing several mock ups to help show what the finished article would look like, before even asking for a deposit. She even went above and beyond trying to help me get Molly’s ring size right.

Once the design was finalised she was fantastic at producing the piece in time, knowing that I had a proposal date planned. The finished article was sublime and Molly regularly gets compliments on the ring from complete strangers in London, which speaks volumes to the quality of Amanda’s work. “

Annie Brook

25th Wedding anniversary gift

"Amanda is an extremely talented jewellery designer /maker, who I was fortunate enough to meet. I commissioned Amanda to make a ring to replace my original wedding and engagement rings using a combination of diamonds from jewellery I had inherited and wanted to wear and mark my 25th wedding anniversary. It was a pleasure to deal with Amanda from both a creative aspect as well as a professional one. The end result I could not be happier with, thank you!"


From a ring for her and her mum to her engagement and wedding rings...

"Many years ago I met Amanda when she had a shop in Angel and we got talking, I was so impressed by her as a person, as well as her work, that I decided to commission a set of rings for my Mother and I - which to date, still bear significant value to both of us. The rings are beautifully set, designed and eye-catching. Then once I met my now-husband, and I thought that "the time" might be approaching, I told him all about Amanda and her beautiful work; and, guess what, he went to see Amanda and together they worked tirelessly to come up with THE most perfect engagement ring. Of course, we knew that we also wanted Amanda (who now is regarded as "our family jeweller") to prepare our wedding rings....Every piece that Amanda has prepared for us has been well thought out, stunning and lovingly made. We could not ask for a better bespoke and accommodating jeweller."

Carissa and Sam Windless

Engagement ring

Carissa and Sam Windless

Wedding ring: Thank you card

Craig Becconsall

Wedding ring

“I’d never commissioned a piece of jewellery before. By working with Amanda I started to appreciate the connections we make with jewellery. It all started around 2005 with a silver and acrylic ring and bracelet for me. After that when the time came to propose it was only natural to go to Amanda for the engagement ring. Next came our wedding rings and then a Christening gift for our first son in 2011. Every piece has been designed and made for us, and every piece has its own unique tale. Amanda is a great designer and always inspired me for something timeless, modern and unique. It has been great to develop an approach together”

Fiona Hamilton and Fiona Baines

Wedding rings


Engagement ring


Engagement ring


Engagement ring

"I decided to commission a bespoke piece of jewellery as I liked the idea of having some input in the design process and know that it would be unique. Lisa had been a fan of Amanda’s jewellery for a while and so I knew it would be a good move by approaching her for this piece. Working through the process with Amanda was a pleasure, from the initial visit to discuss ideas, then returning to select the stone, and a couple of progress visits along the way. We both love the final piece and the experience of having it created makes it all the more meaningful."


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