Transforming the jewellery you love

Sometimes jewellery that you inherit, and that means so much to you, just doesn’t fit or isn't your style. I work with care and empathy to help transform older jewellery into something new. Something you’ll cherish for years to come. To help craft new stories to add to those that have come before.

We believe that jewellery deserves better than to lie forgotten at the bottom of a jewellery box. Pieces that you no longer wear. Or inherited jewellery that isn’t quite your style (but has lots of sentimental value and memories). Why not breathe new life into it by remodelling it into a new piece?


Forgotten jewellery

You can retain its sentimental value but it can be crafted into something new. Magically reincarnated into something you will love and wear. And something that you can pass on.


From initial concept to final design

A story retained. A new one created.


The finished reincarnation

Take a look at some of the remodelling work we’ve done transforming old pieces of jewellery into something new.

And if you have a piece of jewellery that you’re considering remodelling please get in touch. We have extensive experience in working closely with our clients with remodelling. We’re sensitive to the memories often attached to older jewellery, and work hard to help you design a new beautiful piece that you’ll love and cherish.


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