Elevating the simple to something extraordinary

What makes a collection recognisably Amanda Mansell? It’s a collection free from clutter. It's jewellery that elevates the simple circle to something extraordinary. Smart design that’s only visible when a surprise is magically revealed, making you smile. It's how a piece feels and what it means. That’s what's important in my collections.

Take a look through the collections and discover the inspiration behind them. The influences and stories. How designs and collections evolve. Or head straight to the shop to see the full collection. And if you can’t see what you’re looking for here please do get in touch. We can design something that’s bespoke. That’s influenced by your story. Inspired by your style. Something that’s exclusively yours.


Indian inspired design. Global and exotic styles.


Circular Enso: a symbol of life. Rings: a symbol of relationships.


Design inspired by life’s journeys and chapters.

Stepping Stone

Versatile. Spontaneous. Jewellery that mirrors your mood.


Deepening the bonds we make with jewellery.


Jewellery is tactile. To wear it is to feel it. To mingle with it.

Blemished Beauty

Inspired by Wabi-Sabi. The Beauty of the imperfect.


Jewellery encapsulating the passage of time.


Inspired by relationships and the unification between two.


Reflecting on the beauty of imperfection.


Handcrafted engagement rings.


Wedding rings as beautiful and unique as your commitment to each other.


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