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What does it mean to own a piece of Amanda Mansell jewellery? I hope it means luxury. Handcrafted quality that will last. Jewellery that will resonate through the years and pass on its stories to others. Take a look through our unique and beautiful hand crafted collections and see what you find.

All of our collections are lovingly handcrafted to the highest quality and finish. They’re all designed and made in Britain using the very best materials.

And, if you can’t find what you’re looking for here please do get in touch. We’d love to have a chat about making something special. Something that’s bespoke. That’s designed with you in mind. And something that’s uniquely yours...

Blemished Beauty

3 products

Blemished Beauty is a collection inspired by Wabi Sabi and the beauty in the...

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19 products

Chronicle is a development of the Reminiscence collection which is inspired by the Japanese...

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5 products

Inspiration comes in many forms. Concentric was inspired by an exploration of Indian jewellery...

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0 products

Our engagement collections are handcrafted to the highest quality and finish. They’re designed and...

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8 products

The Entwined collection is inspired by relationships and the unification between two. Husband and...

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101 products

Ever Increasing is a collection that captures this idea. Circles within circles. Layers of...

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4 products

Mingle is a collection that invites the wearer to interact with the jewellery. A...

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8 products

Designers united: a collaboration with an east London fashion label.

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3 products

Reminiscence is inspired by the the Japanese Ensō. A circular shape which symbolises the...

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Silver Stackit (Limited stock)

34 products

Shaped by you: Individually handcrafted rings created for you to individually assemble, collect and enjoy!...

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Stepping Stone

2 products

Smart, tactile and versatile jewellery. Rings with beautiful interchangeable tops for you to customise...

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3 products

TwoFold is versatile design inspired by an intrigue: to explore why people suspend rings...

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11 products

Our wedding ring collections are handcrafted to the highest quality and finish. They’re designed...

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