Bespoke Engagement Rings


Engagement rings as unique as you are

Engagement is a beautiful thing. And the perfect engagement ring is a deeply personal symbol of the commitment you’re making with one another. Make it as special and unique as your relationship and have one designed and made just for you.

Take a look at some of the bespoke engagement rings we’ve designed. And get in touch if something has inspired you - we’d love to have a chat about making something special just for you.


From David to Lisa

Platinum, 0.50ct, E, VS2 diamond.

David was looking for a simple uncluttered design, something clean, pure and simple.

From Rob to Jo

18ct white gold, pearl, diamonds.

Rob owned a pearl that was special to him and he wanted to incorporate it into the engagement ring. It had a very defined natural ridge running around the centre, which leant itself beautifully to fixing the pearl in place. The outcome was both sculptural and elegant, and the pearl was highlighted with a row of pavé set diamonds.

From Mike to Ally

Platinum, emerald.

Mike was looking for a design that was geometric and minimal in design to hold a square emerald. The final ring was a minimal strong statement.

From Mark to Rachel

Platinum, 1ct radiant cut diamond.

Bold and beautiful was the brief. No fuss. Minimal, clean and simple. The final design definitely let the diamond take centre stage and shine!

From Sam to Carissa

Platinum, 1ct cushion cut centre diamond, pavé set diamonds.

Sam was looking for a classic feminine ring with sparkle. What more is there to say - stunning!

From Travis to Briana

Platinum, 1ct yellow cushion cut centre diamond, pavé set diamonds and baguette diamonds.

Travis knew that Briana loved Art Deco. So we took some elements from this period and gave it a modern twist. He also wanted to incorporate yellow so we opted for this stunning Intense Fancy Yellow diamond which was elevated further by setting it in a frame of pavé set diamonds. A truly unique design.

From Will to Kristina

Platinum, 1ct Marquise centre diamond, pavé set diamonds.

Kristina was looking for an elegant ring. The Marquise shape accentuates the elegance, elongating the fingers. The final design was a stunning sparkler!

From Westley to Sarah

Platinum, 0.40ct, D, VS1 diamond.

Westley was looking for a delicate understated ring. The outcome was very simple but the unusual shape of the shank and the minimal collet really made this a very unique and beautiful ring.

From Andrew to Angelika

Platinum, 0.50ct D, VS1 diamond, pavé set diamonds and rubies.

Angelika wanted a diamond ring but also to include rubies to match another ring. This ring was all about the collet the centre stone was set in, and we worked hard to design one that was truly unique to Angelika! The end result was stunning!

From Tim to Emma

18ct Yellow Gold, 1ct old cut diamond, pavé set cognac diamonds.

We looked through Emma's Pinterest pages and there were some very strong hints as to the style of jewellery Emma liked. There were even a few diamond rings in Vintage style! So we took this lead and focused on yellow gold and an old cut diamond full of individual character. The cognac diamonds brought the yellow of the gold and the white of the centre diamond together. A truly individual, rich and gorgeous ring.

From Joe to Victoria

18ct Yellow Gold, set with raw uncut diamonds

Joe knew that Victoria wouldn't like the 'traditional' idea of an engagement ring. He wanted something more 'informal'. So we explored raw uncut diamonds with individual character, and then we made her three rings, just to make it even more individual!

From Brett to Karine

Platinum, 70ct, F, VS1 centre diamond, marquise sapphires, pavé set diamonds

Karine was looking for a fluid organic design. To create organic designs we work 3 dimensionally and make models in silver to form and visualise the fluid shapes. The final result was full of sparkle with blue sapphire accent and completely original for Karine.

From Nael to Lucy

Platinum, 0.50ct, F VS1 round diamonds, pavé set diamonds.

A very simple beautiful classic ring design, with a beautiful centre diamond highlighted by a frame of pavé set sparkling diamonds!

FromYanni to Molly

Platinum, emerald, pavé set diamonds.

Yanni was looking for something truly unique and unusual for Molly. This design is very organic, and the pear shaped emerald lends itself to a less conventional ring.

From Andreas to Lydia

Platinum, 0.50ct round diamond.

Andreas was looking for a design that was simple and uncluttered.  The final design was this unique ring, where the form flows into the setting of the diamond.

From Craig to Elle

18ct White gold, platinum, baguette diamond, pavé set sapphires. 

Craigs background as an architect influenced the direction of this design. The end result was simple with a focused area of detail by introducing colour with the inclusion of graduating coloured sapphires and diamonds, and contrasting stone shapes, and combining platinum with white gold.

From Tai

18ct yellow gold, 0.50ct Princess cut diamond, jade.

Tai knew the ring needed to hold a princess cut diamond but wanted something unique to him.  It was also important that Jade was included. As a result the Jade was inlaid discretely on the inside of the ring so as not to distract too much from the pure lines of the design. 

From Matt to Daxa

Platinum, 0.70ct diamond, pavé set diamonds.

Matt was looking for an a-semetrical design influenced by Art Deco. The final design was an elegant clean design, with considered detailing subtly reminiscent of Art Deco, with pavé set diamond highlights along the shoulders. 

From George to Verity

Platinum, 0.50ct, F VS1diamond. 

We designed this beautifully elegant ring for George who was looking for a classic and simple single stone engagement ring. 

From David to Sam

Platinum, black diamonds.

This wasn't technically an engagement ring, but a ring to express commitment to Sam. The end result was very simple in form with the lines enhanced by black pavé set diamonds.

From Bret to Louise

18ct white gold, 0.50ct princess. 

Louise was looking for a very uncluttered and geometric design. The end result was pure and minimal with the diamond cleanly set and uncluttered.  

From Kenny to Dancin

Platinum, 0.80ct princess cut diamond. 

Kenny was looking for a ring that gave the diamond centre stage and held in place by a unique and elegant setting.

From Lee to Marisa

18ct white gold, pearl

A very simple ring design with clean lines, which sets off the purity of the pearl. 

From Chris to Debbie

Platinum, 18ct white gold, 0.50ct diamond.

A very individual bold engagement ring design, which is smart, clean and uncluttered. The wedding ring made to fit this shape can be seen here.

From Manuel

Platinum, princes cut diamonds.

Manuel was looking for a design that was as pure and minimal as possible.  The diamond details emphasise where the two open ends meet. 

From Alex

18ct white gold, 0.50ct diamond.

A beautiful stylish and understated ring, with a neat and simple setting for the diamond.

From Doug to Molly

Platinum, blue sapphire.

Molly is a scientist who was looking for a ring design that incorporated the Möbius strip. By incorporating two strips into the design it enabled this beautiful bright blue sapphire to be set between them. The outcome was truly unique. 

From Peter to Katie

18ct yellow gold, rose cut diamonds of varies colours. 

Peter was looking for a ring design that was inspired by a special place by the coast that means a lot to Peter and Katie. We chose these beautiful rose cut diamonds of varying natural colours to illustrate the undulating coast line. The final design was truly unique!

From Sam to Rachel

Platinum, 0.40ct, F VS1 diamond

Rachel's slender fingers suited a beautiful feminine and elegant design. The result was this sparkling platinum ring set with a stunning diamond, framed and enhanced by smaller pavé set diamonds.

From Adrian to Kathryn

Platinum, diamonds, emeralds.

Adrian was looking for a ring design that was art deco inspired unique to him. Inspiration was taken from the Chrysler building in New York which holds fond memories for Adrian and Kathryn. Each tapered baguette stone was hand polished for the design to create this truly individual ring. 

From Scot

18ct white gold, 0.50ct princess cut diamond. 

A simple, clean and geometric design.  The princess cut centre diamond is elevated by the diamonds set on the shoulders of the ring. 

From Nick to Bianca

18ct white gold, 0.50ct princess cut diamond.

Nick was looking for an uncluttered, bold and minimal design, that lets the diamond shine! 

From Taron to Kath

18ct white gold, diamonds.

Taron was looking for a pure and minimal design for Kath, that wasn't over fussy.  The oval diamonds set in each open end represents their two children.

From Jeremy to Suzie

18ct yellow gold, ruby.

This is a beautiful understated ring, where the elegant 'tulip' shape collet, perfectly sets off the clean form of the cabochon cut ruby. Absolutely pure and simple.

From Lewis to Lara

18ct white gold, pearl.

Lara had inherited a large pearl that she wanted to incorporate in a ring.  We helped her to realise her own ideas she had for the ring.  The end result was this very simple yet bold, sculptural design. 

From Cameron to Katie

Platinum, 0.50ct diamond, New Zealand green stone, amber.

Cameron was looking for a simple diamond ring, but he also wanted to incorporate amber to represent Katie's Polish heritage and New Zealand green stone to represent his New Zealand heritage. This was challenging as all stones have very different characteristics. The end result was a truly unique and smart design where the amber and green stone formed the collet.

From Daniel

Platinum, sapphires, diamonds.

This classic design is all about the stunning sapphire which is highlighted and framed by sparkling pavé set diamonds.

From Michael

18ct Yellow Gold, Ruby.

Michael was looking for a contemporary minimal ruby ring design. The final design focused on simplicity and the contrasting satin and polished finishes.

From David to Sarah

18ct yellow gold, ruby, diamonds

Sarah was looking for an Art Deco style ring which was minimal and clean, and incorporated a ruby and diamonds.

From Leo to Tracey

Platinum, 0.50ct F, VS1 diamond, orange sapphires.

Leo was looking for a diamond ring, but also wanted to incorporate an orange / peachy colour.  The final ring was this classic design, where the centre diamond is enhanced and framed with orange sapphires. 

From Jaime to Kelly

Platinum, 0.50ct princess cut diamond.

An elegant and sculptural design which focused on the unique profile of the collet when viewed from the side.  The facets of the diamond are emphasised by the engraved pattern across the top of the collet, adding a focused area of detail to what is essentially a simple design.

From David

18ct yellow gold, 0.50ct diamond.

We worked with David to help him realise the ring design he was visualising in his mind. The detail on the shoulders were hand carved by our specialist engravers, and the end result showcased their expert skill and craftsmanship. 

From Laurence to Vicki

18ct white gold, yellow gold and sapphires. 

Vicki had inherited a yellow gold sapphire ring which she wanted to incorporate into her ring. The final design was this clean bold form, providing a platform on which to showcase the sapphires. 

From Chad to Niyati

18ct yellow gold, opal, star ruby

Chad was looking for an organic ring design, which incorporated a star ruby and opals.  We took a floral approach and worked with the form of Cala Lilies which was a favourite of Niyati's. The final design is truly unique!

From Simon to Jacqui

18ct white gold, diamond.

Simon was looking for a simple elegant design, which was different from a more traditional single stone diamond ring. 

From Sid to Dem

18ct white gold, 0.40ct diamond.

Sid knew that Dem would love a ring that was beautiful, understated and minimal in design. The final design was pure and simple with a clean satin finish, which strongly contrasts with the sparkle of the diamond.

From Brian to Vicky

Platinum, diamonds.

Brian was looking for a design that suited Vicky's slender fingers and wasn't the traditional single stone engagement ring. The final design was a minimal clean design, channel set with five diamonds across the top.

From Martin to Martin

Platinum, diamond.

Martin was looking for a clean design with a little bit of sparkle. The final design holds three diamonds securely in place in this minimal style.

From Andy to Dot

18ct yellow gold, 0.50ct F VS1 diamond.

Dot was looking for a clean and simple design.  The sweeping lines of this design, provided the perfect unclothed setting for the diamond.

From Luke to Erin

Platinum, sapphire, diamonds.

Luke knew that Erin loved sapphires.  This ring design, with it's simple collet really showcased the stunning cushion shape sapphire. The diamonds pavé set on the shoulders add sparkle! 

From Simon to Sam

18ct white gold, sapphire and diamonds.

We worked with Simon to realise the design he had in mind, which had Art Deco influences. The beautiful emerald cut sapphire is highlighted and elevated by the surrounding sparkling diamonds. 

From Tyrone to Behnaz

Platinum, 0.50ct diamond, pavé set diamonds. 

Tyrone was looking for a beautiful, elegant sparkling ring for Behnaz. The final design was a stunning contemporary ring, with a unique collect, designed especially to suit the lovely cushion shape diamond. A truly stunning sparkler! 

Get in touch if you've been inspired and would like a unique ring designed just for you or your future partner.


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