Birthdays and Anniversaries


Commemorating special days

There are many ways you can commemorate special occasions with jewellery. Part of Our Essence is about ‘Capturing stories and moments in time’. This is reflected in some of our collections such as in Chronicle and Reminiscence. And it also plays a central role in the reason why we make bespoke
Setting a piece of jewellery with a Birthstone is a simple and effective way of personalising it. There is a different stone for each month. We have listed the traditional stones here but there is also a ‘Modern’ list and USA list that has few variants.

Traditional Birthstones

Commemorating with gems

If you would like your own birthstone piece of jewellery or would like to explore buying a piece for a gift please visit our Bespoke page or perhaps there is a design in one of our collections that can be customised with your birthstone such as with Stepping Stone.

Wedding Anniversary
You can commission a beautiful unique piece of jewellery for a special wedding anniversary, whether it’s for your first or for your 40th!


First wedding anniversary

Silver brooch containing the paper of the wedding invitations

Fortieth wedding anniversary

Gold ring set with 40 rubies

Here we have a traditional list of materials but there is also a modern list and a USA list with slight variations.

From about 25 years onwards there are the more typical material associated with jewellery. However we can incorporate any material into a piece of jewellery. Such as, paper from your wedding invitations set a brooch. Or silk from a wedding dress fixed into a locket.

Traditional Wedding anniversary material list:

1 Paper 9 Pottery 25 Silver
2 Cotton 10 Tin 30 Pearl
3 Leather 11 Steel 35 Coral
4 Linen 12 Silk 40 Ruby
5 Wood 13 Lace 45 Sapphire
6 Iron 14 Ivory 50 Gold
7 Wool 15 Crystal 55 Emerald
8 Bronze 20 China 60 Diamond

If you would like to chat about commissioning a bespoke piece of jewellery or customising a piece from our collection please visit our Bespoke page or get in touch.


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