About Bespoke


Unique. And all yours.

In a world of mass production it’s hard to find value and meaning. I want to help shape your vision of the perfect piece of jewellery and make it real. I want to build a personal relationship with you and your jewellery. To create something unique. Something made only for you.


Why Bespoke?

Uniquely yours.

First Steps

The bespoke journey begins...

The Design Process

Inspiring your design.


Transforming old jewellery into new.



Testament to a respected craftsman and designer.

When I create jewellery, making my client happy comes first. How it looks to them. How it makes them feel. But it’s great when the work I do is also endorsed by trade organisations and other members of the profession. That’s really the icing on the cake…

Client Testimonials

What they say.



Something to be inspired by

Originality and variation. The reasons why I love working with a client on a bespoke piece so much. It’s personal. Different. And as a designer it means that I get to create a stunning and diverse portfolio. Some of that work is here for you to look at. I hope it’s something to be inspired by...



Engagement rings as unique as you are.


Wedding rings. Unique & forever.

Engagement and Wedding Combo

Two rings that look like one!

Fitted Wedding Rings

Every engagement ring deserves a wedding ring to fit.


Jewellery commemorating time.


Transforming old jewellery into new.

Special Projects


New possibilities.

From time to time I'm lucky enough to collaborate on some amazing projects. Whether that’s exploring the beauty in the imperfect with London fashion designers, or creating bespoke jewellery for a film. Opportunities that take me out of my comfort zone. That are exciting and important. Projects that open up new possibilities….


Designers united: a collaboration with an east London fashion label.

Miss You Already

My jewellery in film.


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