The right ring for the perfect proposal.

"I’m quite often the first person someone will say the word engagement to, as the words “I’m looking for an engagement ring” stumble out..."
Proposal of marriage is probably one of the most romantic things you will do. However no one can underestimate how daunting it can be. From thinking about the right moment and how you will propose, to purchasing the perfect ring they will love and cherish. I hope that I can remove some of that apprehension and put you at ease when it comes to discussing the engagement ring. Whether it’s bespoke or a ring from our collection we will work with you to ensure the ring you propose with is the absolute right one.
Which finger?
In most countries the finger next to the little finger on the left hand is known as the ‘ring finger’. In some countries such as Germany it is worn on the right hand. Wearing the ring on the left hand is a tradition that dates back to the Romans who gave rings as a pledge of their love. It was believed that the vein from this finger lead straight to the heart - the vena amoris.

How much to spend?
You may have heard that at least ones month’s wages should be spent on an engagement ring. However this is a bit of a myth and was actually part of a clever marketing campaign by De Beers in the 1900’s to boost interest and sales in diamonds.

What you spend is entirely up to you and what you feel comfortable with. If you have an idea of budget when you make your initial enquiry then this really helps us to advise you. Usually a ballpark or upper limit is enough at this stage.

If you are looking at a diamond engagement ring, then as a general rule of thumb it will be the diamond that will have most influence on the cost, and this can vary considerably depending on the size and quality. Other factors include things like the complexity of the design and whether it’s Bespoke or from our Collection. But we can talk you through all the variables in more detail when you get in touch.
It’s a little easier if you’re buying together because it removes the issue of finding their finger size. And of course you’ll be 100% certain you’ve bought the right ring. There is a lot of information to take in once you start researching engagement rings, and it can be a bit overwhelming. It can also be a bit intimidating, but it shouldn’t be because this is likely to be the first significant precious piece of jewellery you’ll buy and wear every day. It should be one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences you will do together.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more or make an appointment to visit the studio.
If you are aiming to make this the ultimate romantic and memorable proposal, then a surprise will definitely achieve this! You will need to undertake quite a bit of initial research to find out their finger size and also which ring design is the right one. But don’t worry, we’ll work with you and help you propose with the perfect ring.

Which ring design?
Yellow gold, white gold, platinum, diamond, sapphire, ruby, square round, oval? These are just a few considerations. But don’t worry we’ll work with you to help you get it right. When you contact us or visit us, bring a few photos of your future fiancé, and the jewellery they already wear. Maybe some photos of their style of clothes and accessories. You can possibly ask a close friend or family member. You may also find some hints on their Instagram and Pinterest page!

What is their finger size?
Finding your partners fingers size can be tricky and you may need to undertake some cunning detective work... As well as the tips below you may also find our Ring Size and Measuring Guide useful. The following are a few tips for secretly obtaining your partner's ring size, collated from years of experience and stories from our clients:

Borrow a ring: The simplest way to find your partner's ring size is to secretly borrow a ring they already wear. Ideally this will be worn on the ring finger. However, it's probably unlikely they already wear a ring on that finger. In which case the next best thing is a ring they wear on the same finger but the right hand. We can then take a measurement from this ring taking into account the right hand is usually half a size bigger then the left.

Use our ring-sizing circle guide: If you think your partner might miss their ring if you borrow it for a longer period of time, then download the ring-sizing guide and lay the ‘borrowed’ ring over one of the circles. Take a photo and email it to us, We’ll be able to advise you. Alternatively you could also try this with our plastic ring size stick. Remember the ring you’re measuring needs to be for the correct finger or same finger but other hand taking into account that the right hand is about half a size bigger than the left.

Paper belt ring guide: If your partner is a heavy sleeper, you could download our Ring Sizing belt and try wrapping it around their finger in the middle of the night! Make sure you wrap it around the knuckle, as this is the widest point of the finger. Alternatively you could also try this with our plastic ring sizer.

Ring conversion chart: If you have an international measurement that’s not a UK one, or you have the inside diameter or circumference, you can convert this to UK size by using our conversion chart in our Ring Size and Measuring Guide.

Ask a close friend or sister: Your partner's close friends and family can be a great source of help, and may be better placed to do this without raising suspicion. So if you can enlist their help, take full advantage. Just be sure they will keep your secret.

If in doubt: Err on the side of caution and choose a slightly larger size. That way you know the ring will go on their finger and the romance of the moment will be fully retained. In most instances it is easier to make a larger ring smaller without damaging it. However avoid designs with stones all the way around the ring. There will be other designs that are tricky to resize too but we will advise you on this.

Hopefully some of these may help. Although please be aware these are only guides and not as accurate as us measuring your partners finger ourselves. As a result, whilst we’ll do our best to work with you to estimate your partner’s size based on the information you give us, there is a chance the ring will need to be re-sized after your proposal.

If you think you’re close to finding the right size, then get in touch or make an appointment to visit the studio to talk about the next stage.
If you’re still a little unsure about finger size and / or getting the design right, but would still like an element of surprise and romance, then why not combine the two and win points for originality!

Holding ring: We can supply you with a simple silver ring, which you can propose with. This acts as a holding ring that your partner wears whilst we measure their finger for an accurate size and make their ring. Once they have their engagement ring the holding ring can then be worn on another finger or on a chain around the neck as a lasting memory of the proposal. This ring is made to order and costs £35, but this is credited back when you purchase the actual ring.

Holding rings

Satin textured, Silver. £35 each

Appointment card

Book in advance of your proposal


Appointment card: Why not book an appointment in advance of your proposal for you and your partner to visit the studio. Our beautiful appointment card could form part of your proposal. This costs £35 including next day special delivery, but this is credited back when you purchase the actual ring.

Buy our proposal kit: For something a little different and fun you might like to propose with our proposal kit… Coming soon!

Please get in touch if you are think one of these will be the perfect solution for you.


We can engrave a date or personal message inside your ring for that little extra personal touch. Please visit our Personalise and Customise page for more details.
The rings in our Collection are quite simple in design and could be the perfect ring for you. However if the design is right but you’d prefer a different stone, such as a sapphire to a diamond, or you’d prefer it in yellow gold instead of platinum, get in touch and we will happily accommodate your ideas and customise it for you.

We specialise in Bespoke jewellery, so if you would like something completely different, designed especially for you, take a look at our Bespoke page or get in touch and we’ll be delighted to chat more to you about it.


Ally said yes to Mike!

In Mike's words... "So the big day arrived, we had booked a table at Osteria Francescana in Modena to say goodbye to my home in style (I lived in Italy for 2 years). I decided to propose before dinner in Piazza Grande the main square, but nothing went to plan; I was very nervous and it was over 30 degrees, dressing appropriately left little place to hide a ring box. I tucked it under my waist band under my shirt, but as we walked to the piazza it kept falling down - it was fairly obvious to Ally that I was particularly uncomfortable. When we finally got to the square, I realised that it was a terrible location, it was too early and there was no atmosphere. So we carried on walking towards the restaurant whilst I thought of another plan. When we finally rounded the corner of our destination Ally started taking photos of the restaurant - without any better idea - I took the opportunity to bend down on one knee. As she turned to me it took her a moment to process the event, at which point delightful tears rolled down her cheeks and she accepted. Whilst still on one knee, Massimo Bottura - the world famous chef and proprietor of Osteria Francescana - came out of the door, realised what had happened and became the first person to congratulate us - needless to say we were treated to a memorable evening with no shortage of special surprises"

Carissa said yes to Sam!

In Sam's words... "It was a beautiful English summer’s morning, and quite fitting for a marriage proposal. The easy work had already been done (easy because Amanda provided such a considered and personal service and not least because she created the perfect engagement ring that exceeded all expectations!). Now it was down to me to not give the game away. Being keen beans, we set off in our running kit on a treasure trail around our home city, exploring the hidden secrets and facts that we had so often walked past without even noticing. As fun as the treasure trail was, it was proving extremely challenging to conceal a ring box in a pair of short shorts that had no pockets. Treasure trail completed, we found a nice spot in the park to sit and contemplate our morning’s achievements which is where I planned to ‘pop the question’. I bumbled my way through a few practised words and out of thin air (or from the waistband of my near non-existent running shorts), I produced a ring box which before I could open had already produced a “YES”. It was the most magical moment and one we still relive whenever we walk through the park which is now so special to us. Now the pressure was off, I had one final trick up my sleeve, a surprise trip to Bruges to celebrate"

Briana said yes to Travis!

In Travis' words... "When I decided it was time to propose, I knew that a bespoke ring from Amanda was exactly what I needed for the big day. I couldn't have been happier with the design and now it was up to me to deliver, which turned out to be a little trickier than I thought....We were on holiday in Malta and I had planned what I thought was going to be a beautiful picnic on the cliff tops overlooking the Mediterranean sea. When we arrived, the area turned out to be much more rugged and only steps from the main road, which wasn't the quaint, romantic setting I had envisaged. Despite, we carried on and set up our picnic that instantly started to melt in the 30+ degree weather, whilst Briana was constantly getting up to run away from the bee's who took a liking to our lunch. I decided this was very poor timing and to wait until later that evening. The day rolled on and the ring was burning a hole in my pocket as I was constantly searching for the 'perfect' spot to pop the question before it was too late. As the sun started to set, I was feeling emotionally drained and figured the parking lot outside of where we were going for dinner would have to do...So I collapsed to one knee, said my rehearsed few words and, luckily, the beauty of the ring won her over and she said yes!!"

Emma said yes to Nick!

In Nick's words... "With our around the world trip booked, and with Emma having supported me through my Lymphoma I knew this woman should be my wife. Emma loved Amanda’s jewellery so I bought a ring that Emma would instantly recognise as hers. It was a discrete temporary ring to deliver the punch whilst away, but always intending to commission a permanent ring on our return. The ring lived in the liner of a travel pouch I wore around my waist for a year and a half. The list of "bugger I should have done it then!!!” moments was getting longer and included the Rockies, Machu Picchu, Bolivian Salt Flats and the top of Ayres Rock. After 18 month of travel the folks at home thought I had changed my mind! During Bangkok New Year celebrations, we ended up on island Koh Phayam. By chance we found a lovely spot with a hut on the beach and amazing green curries. The weather was changeable and each night it would deliver a surprise. One night when the whole world seemed to turn orange, I ran back to the hut and returned with two bottles of beer, the camera and the ring. As the little red timer light flashed I turned to Emma bent down on one knee and proposed. Nobody really believes our story but we have this image that captures the perfect moment. And when Em saw Amanda's ring she knew this had been a year and a half in the planning. Gotcha! Hahaha!"

Angelika said yes to Andrew!

Ring: Platinum, ruby and diamond... Story coming soon...

If you’ve been inspired get in touch and let’s begin your story…


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