Wedding rings. Unique and forever

Your wedding ring is a precious symbol that stays with you forever. And every time you notice it you’re reminded of your special day and the beautiful commitment you’ve made to each other.

Having a ring designed and made especially for you makes that memory even stronger. Even more special. The story of your unique design enhances the rings and strengthens the bond between you.

Take a look at some of the bespoke wedding rings we’ve designed. And get in touch if something has inspired you - we’d love to have a chat about making something special just for you.


Craig Becconsall

18ct rose gold, white gold.

I designed this wedding ring to resemble the engagement ring that Craig commissioned for Ellie, his now wife. A section of the engagement ring was set with a concentrated area of diamonds and sapphires set in a section across the top. Craig's ring was designed to replicate this.

Julie and Rachel

18ct rose gold, white gold, diamonds.

Rachel and Julie wanted their rings to compliment each other, but not be identical. So the design was similar but we added graduated diamonds to Julie's ring.

Heikki and Paulina

18ct white gold, yellow gold, diamond.

The Sun and Moon theme was central to this design and also the idea that Heikki and Paulina will always have a piece of each others rings in theirs. A delightful beautiful design. 

Stephanie and Jamie

18ct yellow gold, white gold, diamond, sapphire.

Stephanie and Jamie inherited rings from their grandparents, which they wanted to incorporate into their wedding rings. The larger diamond from these rings was set on the outside of Stephanie's wedding ring (which was also her engagement ring) and the remaining stones and gold were melted down and inlayed to create rings inside their rings as a lasting memory of their grandparents.

More examples of re-using or remodelling inherited jewellery can be found on the remodelling page.

For Susie

18ct rose gold and white gold.

A beautifully simple rose gold ring with two white gold lines inlayed to represent Susie's two children. The surface was finished with a satin surface and contrasting polished sides and inside. 

Winny and Kevin

18ct yellow gold and white gold.

These rings were designed for Winny and Kevin so that each of them would hold a piece of the others ring. Pure and simple. 

Tonje and Pete

18ct yellow gold, white gold, amber.

We designed an organic 'pebble' shape ring for Tonje, inlayed with a piece of amber, reminiscent of her Polish heritage. The amber and white gold was bought together by an inner sleeve of 18ct yellow gold. 



As a product designer Chris had a clear idea of the ring designs. We worked with him to help realise his ideas. The engagement ring fitted into the wedding ring, effectively giving the appearance of one ring. We then designed Chris's ring to complement it, giving the illusion it was also three rings and finishing it with contrasting satin and polished surface finishes. 

Nicola and John

18ct white gold and yellow gold.

Both these rings were designed to represent Nicola and Johns three children.  Three single yellow gold lines representing the children in Johns ring and three free spinning rings representing the children in Nicolas rings. Fun and beautiful. 

Sarah and Lucy

Platinum, diamond, topaz.

These beautiful simple rings were personalised by including Lucy and Sarah's birth stones - diamond and topaz.

Simon and Sara

Platinum, diamond.

Sarah was looking for a ring that was a wedding ring and engagement ring combined.  The wedding ring fits neatly over the engagement ring. We designed a simple wedding ring for Simon with a fine line engraved around the edge to link it to Sarah's by replicating two separate rings.

Nick and Emma

Platinum, diamond, ebony.

Emma and Nick liked the strong graphic contrast of the black against the white of the metal. Both rings were designed to compliment Emma's platinum, ebony and diamond engagement ring.

Anna and Rod

Platinum, 18ct white gold, yellow gold, diamonds.

Anna inherited a yellow gold diamond ring set with old cut diamonds. She was looking for a simple ring which utilised these diamonds. The final design was quite bold and also doubled up as her engagement ring. The yellow gold from the inherited ring was inlayed into Rod's wedding ring.

More examples of re-using or remodelling inherited jewellery can be found on the remodelling page.

Angelika and Andrew

Platinum, rubies.

Andrew and Angelika wanted their wedding rings to reflect there German and Scottish heritage.  Both rings were engraved with LOVE and LEIBE and the Mackintosh Rose.

Pete and Sonia

18ct white gold.

A ring was designed to fit Sonia's engagement ring, which was 'triangular' in shape. And then a ring was made for Pete to match. The final result was a pair of unique shaped rings. 

Claire and Neil

24ct yellow gold, 18ct white gold, industrial diamond.

Claire and Neil were looking for a pair of unique wedding bands which were organic and irregular in shape.  The 24ct yellow gold is extremely soft and so over time the form will change as the rings are worn.  The industrial diamond enhances the rustic nature of the yellow gold texture which is in contrast to the smooth surface of the white gold.


18ct white gold.

A pair of very contrasting rings, one with a rustic texture and the other smooth and shiny. 


18ct white gold and yellow gold.

David was looking for a ring design that was diffent from a simple classic round band. So we designed this soft 'triangular' shape in 18ct white gold and inlayed a yellow gold sleeve, adding that extra touch of detail to finish the ring off.


18ct white gold, yellow diamonds.

Milko was looking for a pair of organic rustic textured rings, set with a yellow diamond. The slight yellow colour of the white gold complements the yellow diamonds.  

Iain and Deana

18ct white gold.

A pair of individual wedding rings were made to complement Deana's engagement ring.  The texture of the rings replicated the irregular characteristics of the silvery grey rose cut diamond. 

Chris and Debbie

Platinum, diamond.

Chris had a very definite idea of a ring design that he wanted, so worked with his ideas to bring that design to life.  Debbie's wedding ring was made to fit her engagement ring, and it was kept simple so as to complement and not distract from the uniqueness of her engagement ring.

Jacqui and Nick

18ct white gold, rose gold, diamond 

Beautiful simple rings, with a clean rose gold inlayed detail. A small diamond was added to Jacqui's wedding ring for a little sparkle and feminine touch. 

Ioanna and Dimitri

18ct white gold, ruby

Ioanna and Dimitri were looking for rings which were a move away from the classic wedding ring shape. We designed a pair of slightly twisted square rings and set rubies in Ioanna's for extra sparkle and detail.

Gene and Sue

Platinum, 18ct yellow gold, diamond

Gene and Sue liked the simplicity of the classic wedding ring, with the yellow gold inlay.  We added an off centre princess cut diamond to Sue's ring to give asymmetry to the design and a little sparkle! 


Platinum, 18ct white gold.

We designed a minimal ring for Sophie with an inlayed pattern which added asymmetry to the design. The platinum and white gold is a subtle understated combination of two white metals. 

Bridget and Lucy

18ct white gold, rose gold, diamonds.

A pair of matching 18ct white gold wedding rings, inlayed with different widths of rose gold stripes.  The width of the stripes and the distance between them refers to a special date that is only known to Lucy and Bridget, which adds even more uniqueness and personal touch.

Stuart and Lucy

18ct white gold, silver, diamond

A minimal pair of wedding rings were designed to complement each others. Stuart's ring was inlayed with a 3mm wide rectangular silver stripe and Lucy's ring was set with a 3mm round diamond. The white of the silver and the white of the diamond subtly link the two rings.

Mark and Robert

Platinum, sapphire, ruby.

Mark and Robert were looking for a set of three rings each. One was a simple ring for practical reasons as Mark was a nurse. The second ring was engraved with the same pattern that was on their wedding invitations, and the third ring was channel set with each of their birth stones - Ruby and Sapphire. Together they make a pretty impressive set of rings! 

Rob and Lorna

Palladium, 18ct yellow gold.

The shape of Lorna's ring was designed to complement her engagement ring, however it could be worn on its own as the pavé set diamonds add sparkle to this elegant, beautiful shape. Rob's ring is a simple smart clean design with a yellow gold highlight on one edge. 

Matt and Catherine

Platinum, yellow gold, diamonds.

Matt's wedding ring was smart and clean with a yellow gold inlayed stripe running off centre around the ring. Catherine's ring was designed so it could either sit alongside her engagement ring, or be worn on it's own. 

Sam and Carissa

Platinum, diamonds

Both Sam and Carissa were looking for classic simple wedding rings, although Carissa's was pavé set with diamonds to complement her engagement ring and add even more sparkle! 

Miak and Suzie

18ct white gold, rose gold, emeralds, rubies, diamonds

A pair of matching wedding rings was designed for Miak and Suzie, both are white gold with inlayed rose gold line around the centre.  Susie also wanted to include red, green and white, so we channel set diamonds, rubies and emeralds across the top of her ring which gave her a focused area of detail and made a very beautiful and striking design. 

Adrian and Hal

18ct white gold, yellow gold.

A pair of contemporary wedding rings with simple detailing was created for Adrian and Hal.  Hal's ring also included a yellow gold highlight on one edge which gave asymmetry to the design.

Sam and Howard

18ct white gold and yellow gold.

Sam and Howard's rings were a beautiful fun design. Sam's ring was set with diamonds, and Howard's ring was inlayed with yellow gold circles in the same arrangement, position and size as Sam's diamonds. This connection between the two rings was emphasised further with a single circle of gold in Sam's ring and a corresponding diamond in Howard's ring. Beautiful, simple and unique.

Tom and Karin

18ct white gold, diamond.

We designed a unique and sculptural engagement ring for Karin and so the wedding ring was designed to complement it. A diamond was also innovatively set on the side. Toms ring replicated the fluid form of Karin's, and was engraved with a discreet circle on the side which mirrored her diamond.

Peter and Katy

18ct rose gold, yellow gold.

Peter was looking for a ring which was a move away from a classic wedding ring shape so we designed this soft 'square' ring for him which was inlayed with a yellow gold stripe, from Katy's ring, across one corner. Katy's ring was more classic in shape but we inlayed a rose gold stripe (from Peter's ring) diagonally across the top.  The gold inlayed from each other's rings, subtly links the two together even though they are very different shapes. 

Natalie and Tony

Platinum, 18ct rose gold, jade, onyx

Natalie's platinum engagement ring was minimal and geometric in design, inlayed with 18ct rose gold and jade. The simple rose gold wedding ring, inlayed with onyx, was designed to complement the engagement ring and retain the geometric design. Tony's ring was designed to complement Natalie's by incorporating the same materials in a minimal and geometric design. The final designs were a pair of striking unique rings.


18ct rose gold, white gold, diamond.

A pair of beautiful pure and simple rings, with a little piece of gold from each ring inlayed into the other, set with a single diamond and finished with subtle satin surface.  

Stefanie and Alison

18ct white gold and yellow gold.

Stefanie and Alison were looking for matching complementary rings. One was in yellow gold and the other white gold.  Gold from each ring was inlayed into the other so that a little piece of each other's ring will always be with them.  

Bram and Helen

Platinum, 18ct rose gold, ruby.

Bram and Helen knew the design they were looking for. We helped them realise their ideas by engraving the playful monkey pattern onto a pair of simple shaped rings, and set Helen's off with a ruby which looked lovely against the rose gold. 

Simon and Sam

Platinum, 18ct rose gold.

Simon and Sam were looking for a pair of simple rings. We added a little surface texture to a flat court style wedding band which gave the rings a contemporary feel. 

Get in touch if you've been inspired and would like a unique ring designed just for you or your future partner.


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