Repair and Refurbish


Bringing the sparkle back

Jewellery can hold great sentimental value, and it can be quite upsetting if a piece becomes damaged or lost. We will lovingly repair it back to life so you can continue wearing it for many years to come.

If you’ve inherited some jewellery that’s seen better days, or your jewellery has lost its sparkle over the years and looks a little tired and bruised we can return it to its former glory! We’ve outlined below some of the typical repairs we’ve undertaken, but please get in touch if your jewellery has any other issues.

If you would like to give your jewellery a complete new lease of life then take a look at our Remodelling service where we re-model old jewellery and transform it into something entirely new and unique to you.
Complimentary polish and re-plate
If you have bought your wedding ring and engagement ring from us, we are pleased to offer you a complimentary clean, polish and plate (where appropriate) during the first year. Just keep your receipt and get in touch with us before the year is out.
Broken jewellery
We offer a full jewellery repair service ranging from replacing lost or damaged stones to repairing broken claws and snapped shanks. We will need to see the piece of jewellery first in order to asses the work involved, sometimes an initial photo at your enquiry stage will help us with this. Prices will of course vary according to the nature of the work.

This service starts at £100


Missing diamond and broken claws


The head completely replaced, new diamond and complete re-polish


Loose stone
Occasionally stones can work themselves loose in their settings over time. This is most common in rings where jewellery is most vulnerable, receiving knocks as we go about our daily lives. Tightening up the setting is relatively straightforward. Prices will vary according to the nature of work and whether it will need a polish and plate afterwards.

This service starts at £60.
Clean, Polish and re-plate
We can give your jewellery an overhaul and spruce up by giving it a little clean and polish (or satin finish), and re-plate it where applicable. More details about plating can be found on the Precious metals and Hallmarking page. The price will depend on the type of jewellery and work needed.

This service starts at £60.



Scratched and bruised


Re-finished and polished


Ring sizing and jewellery alterations
Ring sizing: If you have inherited a ring and it's too big or a ring has become too small over time then we can re-size it for you. This can be relatively straight forward if there are no stones set in the ring. However if there are stones then this may add a bit of complexity, however there is normally always a solution.

This service starts at £60

Chain repair and sizing: We use state of the art laser welding technology, which means no change link is too small! We repair chains that have snapped or chains that need lengthening or shortening.

This service starts at £50
Lost jewellery
If you have lost one half of a pair of earrings or cufflinks, we can replicate it for you. We will need a clear drawing or photograph, or the actual remaining earring or cufflink.

We can also replicate a single piece of jewellery you have lost. If it is a piece of jewellery that we have made then we will have a record of it and a photo. If it is a piece of jewellery that you have bought somewhere else and the original place of purchase no longer exists or they no longer stock the item, then we can do our best to replicate it for you if you have a clear photo of it.

Please send a photo or drawing of the piece of jewellery with your enquiry and we’ll estimate the price for you.

If you would like to have a piece of jewellery lovingly brought back to life then please get in touch and we’ll happily discuss the options with you.



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