Insurance Valuation and Guarantee


For peace of mind

We strongly advise that you insure your jewellery to cover you for theft, loss and damage. You should try to arrange this to start as soon as the jewellery is in your possession.
Insurance Valuation
Your insurance company will need an insurance valuation and we are happy to prepare this for you. This service costs £60.00.

However if we have made the jewellery then some insurance companies may prefer you to use an independent valuer. These independent valuers will generally charge a flat fee or a percentage of the total valuation. We recommend using Peter Buckie, who charges a flat fee.

You can simply add your jewellery to your home contents insurance. However check with your insurer that you will be able to choose who will replace and make the ring. A lot of insurance companies will unfortunately only give you vouchers to spend in a shop of their choice or want you to use a jeweller of their choice to remake it. Sadly this doesn’t come to light until you’re in the unfortunate situation of having to claim, so it’s worth asking a few questions at the outset.

Alternatively, T. H. March is a dedicated Jewellery Insurance Company who we recommend exploring. Our clients, and ourselves, have found dealing with them to be a hassle free and efficient experience.

Please note that an ‘Insurance Valuation’ is not to be confused with the ‘value’ of an item. The purpose of an Insurance Valuation is to provide an estimate of what it will cost to remake the jewellery should it be lost or stolen. This is not the same as the value of an item if you were to re-sell it. All kinds of factors can affect this value such as whether it’s in fashion, how desirable it is and whether it’s collectable.
Our jewellery is guaranteed for the first 6 months. During this time, any small repair will be free of charge. With regards to bespoke rings, any simple adjustment to size will also be free of charge. This is with the exception of:

Re-sizing a ring where we have not measured your finger in the first instance.

Any wear and tear from general day-to-day use.

If there is clear evidence that our jewellery care guidelines have not been followed. This is also with the exception of stolen or lost jewellery, either whole or in part. We strongly advise that you insure your jewellery as mentioned above as soon as possible so that you are covered from the moment the jewellery leaves the studio.



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