My jewellery is more than an accessory.  Its value is more than its materials.
My values and promise to you.
Genuine + Authentic:
I design genuinely bespoke jewellery, designed from scratch for you, and only for you. I invest time in getting to know you and the special people in your lives to ensure the jewellery is right for them and you.
Honesty + integrity:
I continue to build on my reputation of honesty. When remodeling I work with your stones and materials and they are 100% safe with me. The metal is melted down and re-used. Or if you decide to sell it to contribute to the cost of a new piece, you receive the full sale value. I am trustworthy.
Empathy + Care:
When remodeling jewellery I'm sensitive to the fact that it has a past and carries a lot of sentiment for you. I also care about getting the design right and so it takes as long as it takes. Truly bespoke jewellery takes time and patience. 
Approachable + Receptive:
I am an amenable character.  I listen not only to what you would like for a piece of jewellery, but I enjoy learning about you to. Everyone has a valuable story and that can quite often influence the design and approach.
Sustainable + Inclusive:
I believe in working together for a kinder, more compassionate and inclusive world and I continue to work with, do business with and mentor people regardless of gender, race, culture, religion, sexual orientation, age, or social and economic status.
Every effort is made by me personally and professionally to continue to recycle waist, maintain a low carbon footprint, reduce chemical use in production, use gems and gold from sustainable sources where possible. And of course by almost exclusively specialising in bespoke remodeling I am practicing the ultimate recycling!
Passionate + Enthusiastic :
I love what I do and I love great innovative design! Not just in jewellery but in all aspects of design, particularly that which improves or adds value to our lives. I'm passionate that every bespoke piece of jewellery I make is considered, one-of-a-kind and unique to you. 
I am also passionate about retaining skill and craftsmanship in London's historic jewellery Quarter - Hatton Garden, home to a valuable talent pool of skilled designers and artisans. I volunteer my time to various initiatives and mentor new talent whenever possible. 


My Mission

To create excellently designed and crafted jewellery, made with genuine care, passion, empathy and emotion, which stands the test of time so it brings joy to clients wearing it today and comfort to loved ones wearing it tomorrow.
Jewellery with Longevity. 

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