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 Gem Weekly 3

Infiltrating the gloom to add a bit of sparkle to your day! Providing a little distraction from loo roll hunting, endless queues and, let's be honest, the anxiety of our situation.

Amanda Mansell Bespoke Jewellery designer maker Hatton Garden

When we think of luxury, we generally associate it with expensive, extravagant, high end. Living in luxury and leading a life of luxury; cruises, glamorous hotels in exotic location - Richard Branson’s island (has he sold that yet??) Luxury goods; fast cars, yachts, exquisite clothes, bags, shoes and jewellery of course.

For some of us, some of these might feel a bit out of reach.  But then there are of course the inexpensive small pleasures, life’s little luxuries, more of us can reach. Such as the 25 x 100gm bars of Lindt 90% dark chocolate and my favourite Union Coffee I manged to order online to get me through isolation, not to mention the bottle (or two) of prosecco I seem to be polishing off each week. Please do not judge… it is after all just me and the four walls.

However, in Lockdown Life are we experiencing new Luxuries?  Ones that do not cost a penny, but are still out of reach, such as spending time with family and friends? Suddenly the idea of spending time with my mum and dad seems like the biggest luxury of all!  There is also the luxury of space and time… however does this feel like a luxury right now when some of us feel like we have it in abundance, and instead of craving some "me time" we’re craving the luxury of socialising with friends and engaging with colleagues at work again?

I have to say I’ve managed to keep myself busy with things like; staying connected with you, designing bespoke commissions, listening to an array of webinars on Covid-19 business survival tips including "pivoting" (there are many words that Covid -19 will be remembered for, such as "unprecedented" but "pivoting" is by far my favourite) and I’ve also discovered a new love for podcasts, the most recent one is The Disruptors, a series about big successful entrepreneurs – which I hope I'll be one day! ;)

But even though I’m keeping busy, I am missing making, my jewellery bench, and creating with my hands - for me the idea of this is fast becoming a new luxury.

I sometimes struggle with the idea that I work in an industry associated with high-end luxury and wealth, that jars with the inequalities in the world.  But I also know that jewellery can bring people a huge amount of pleasure whether it’s a diamond encrusted brooch or a simple silver friendship ring.

Having someone take the time to make something for you, who understands and appreciates materials, who applies years of training, skill and craftsmanship into a piece of jewellery just for you, that is exclusive and designed to last forever, I believe is a luxury.

And equally it is a luxury for me, as a designer, to have clients that appreciate all of that, which allows me to do what I love.

This week I’m combining the luxury of spending time with family and the luxury of creating jewellery by featuring jewellery I’ve made for my parents, my brother, and a cousin whose wife is working on the front line.

Let’s hope we will be reunited with family soon x

 The luxury of spending time with family
And the luxury of creating jewellery for them

My dad: As you can imagine Dad has commissioned quite a few pieces of jewellery over the years for mum - they are after all my biggest fans! But the most special ones are an 18ct yellow gold Ruby ring to commemorate their 40th Wedding anniversary in 2006 (this would have been one of my first bespoke pieces).

18ct yellow gold ruby ring 40th wedding anniversary

In 2016 he commissioned a gold and diamond Reminiscence ring for their 50th wedding anniversary set with a Chocolate centre diamond and Cognac diamonds. The significance of this ring is not just about the gold; Reminiscence is inspired by the the Japanese Ensō. A circular shape which symbolises the beginning and end of all things. Infinity, enlightenment, togetherness. Open and closed. Wholeness and completion. Read more about the inspiration here

So Gold symbolises the 50th wedding anniversary, Diamond the 60th wedding anniversary and  Gold & Diamond the 75th wedding anniversary.  

So because dad bought mum this gold and diamond ring for their 50th, and it is three rings in one, you could argue he's also got the 60th and 75th covered! ;)

Amanda Mansell bespoke ring 50th anniversary gold ring

Amanda Mansell bespoke jewellery design 50th wedding anniversary, gold ring 60th and 75th wedding anniversary

My brother: My brother is probably the least romantic person I know, who had absolutely no intention of ever getting married.  So it came as a major shock to us all when he proposed to Kat. I remember deafening him with squeals of delight down the phone!  It also came as a major shock to Kat who made him wait 48 hours for her reply... 

Dave actually proposed with a silver ring that he bought from me as an apparent Valentines gift - this alone was an extremely unusual romantic gesture, which I questioned. I remember sitting on the bus, on the phone puzzled asking several times "you want to buy a Valentines present? Really!?" Unbeknown to me - and the rest of the bus - this was to be a 'holding' engagement ring until Kat received her 'real' one.

Read more about Kat's Sapphire ring journey on my blog including how my brother got her back for making him wait 48 hours, and also how we incorporated her late mum's jewellery into her wedding ring. 

Platinum and blue sapphire engagement ring

Applauding our NHS and key workers

Through bespoke jewellery stories.

My Cousin: Tracie is a speech therapist for cancer sufferers and she has returned to the front line to work in ICU.  She is married to my cousin Leo with two young children and I have huge admiration for her risking her life for others. Leo commissioned this simple elegant engagement ring for Tracie which is set with a center diamond framed by gorgeous peachy coloured sapphires. 

Amanda Mansell platinum diamond sapphire engagement ring

Friendship rings

Say hello and stay connected through jewellery 

Send a silver STACKiT ring to one friend or maybe a group of friends to let them know you're thinking of them and missing them. These simple silver £8.00 rings, in their gorgeous packaging, will speak a thousand words right now. It's small thoughts and the little luxuries in life that can sometimes make the biggest difference to someone's day.

More designs are available if you'd like to add to the silver ring, to mix and match and build a collection. It will also not be a  problem to exchange sizes after lockdown if you are unsure of finger size. Please note the price is for one ring, even though three are shown in the photograph.

To comply to social distancing and minimise contact, all orders will be posted on Tuesdays each week to arrive on Wednesdays if you choose next day special delivery at checkout.

Stack ring friendship ring textured satin silver Stackit ring

stack ring friendship ring textured bright silver stackit ring

Stack ring friendship ring stackit ring


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