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Infiltrating the gloom to add a bit of sparkle to your day!
Providing a little distraction from loo roll hunting, endless queues and lets be honest the anxiety of our situation.


Amanda Mansell making jewellery

A small note from a small business in a tiny living room.

At the risk of sounding like I'm crossing off the days in my prison cell (tiny living room in small London flat), it's now been 18 days since Boris (let's hope he recovers soon) announced lock down, 15 days since I first emailed you, and I'm now on my 9th Daily Gem.

During this time most of us have been adapting and trying to find new routines to help refocus. My new routine starts with an hour long walk at silly o'clock in the morning, mainly to avoid people, but also to enjoy the sunrise and the birds singing their hearts out.  I then get home, make a coffee and settle down to work and writing these Daily Gems.

I've really enjoyed writing them because they keep me occupied and away from anxiety fueling news and social media and they keep me creative as I design them and think of new content. But most of all I've really enjoyed reconnecting with you all.  I've been overwhelmed by emails of support, some are from clients from 10 years ago or earlier! And I've even received two new jewellery commissions which was the last thing I was expecting during these times.

However today I've decided that Thursday will be the last Daily Gem and they will become Weekly Gems instead.

"Thank goodness for that!" I hear you cry. "How much jewellery related news can one take in just 9 days!?

Writing them everyday in my search for a new routine has been a tad challenging so this means I'll now have time to reply to all your  emails, return to designing the lovely commissions pre Lock Down Life, start designing the exciting new ones, explore which online solutions I need to integrate into my business during these changing time, work on my exciting new venture - Loupe, maybe get some sleep and also enjoy the sun during the day and not just when it rising at 6.15am.

Goodbye Daily Gem, hello Weekly Gem

The idea behind the Daily Gem was to provide you with a little distraction from Covid-19 through creativity, activities and some little jewellery facts. This seems to have been very well received and so it will continue with the Weekly Gem. Everything will be compacted into one email and also signpost you to other platforms such as my blogFacebook and Instagram.  Be sure to follow so you don't miss anything and continue to be kept up to date after Lockdown Life!

Be creative, stay home and stay well everyone! 


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