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Infiltrating the gloom to add a bit of sparkle to your day!
Providing a little distraction from loo roll hunting, endless queues and let's be honest the anxiety of our situation.


Ghazala bracelet

Ghazala's remodelled jewellery journey

Gharaza, came to me last year with a fabulous collection of jewellery, mostly Indian gold which had been gifted to her over the years. However although it had great sentimental value she just didn't wear it any more which seemed such waste and a shame.  So we decided to combine it with the diamonds from two other rings and remodel them into a stunning new contemporary diamond bracelet!

A mix of Indian gold jewellery, and two 18ct gold and diamond  rings. 

Jewellery to remodeled

The Indian gold jewellery was then placed in a crucible to be combined together. 

jewellery in crucible

The gold was heated up and melted together...

melting jewellery

and then poured into an ingot mould, to make a small gold bar.

Melting gold and pouring into ingot mould.

The gold bar was rolled out and formed around an oval mandrel.

forming the oval bracelet

Ghazala preferred the colour of white gold, so an 18ct white gold 'sleeve' was made to go on the outside of the yellow gold bracelet.

Making a white gold sleeve

This was then soldered to the yellow gold which gave the appearance of a white gold bracelet but retained the sentiment of the original yellow gold. 

White gold sleeve soldered on to yellow gold bracelet

The remaining yellow gold was cut and formed into collets for the diamonds to be set into. Positioning of the diamonds was key in this design. They look quite random, but there was a lot of consideration in the placement.

Making the collets and positioning the stones

The finished bracelet! The white gold sleeve was finished with a frosted surface which contrasted with the polished surface of the yellow gold. The photo doesn't quite do it justice as you can't see all the diamonds around it, but it's definitely a little sparkler! 


A work in progress for Ghazala

Delighted with her bracelet Ghazala went on to commission a ring which incorporated the rings we removed the diamonds from for the bracelet and another two 18ct gold rings. Ghazala wanted a ring that was fluid and had movement, incorporated a blueish teal coloured oval center sapphire and included 108 stones! 

Why 108? Over time there has been much spiritual and scientific relevance given, but for many people and for Ghazala 108 is a sacred number. You can read more about this here.  The 108 stones are varying tones of blue sapphires, aquamarines and topaz and the graduating colour and size creates additional movement in the design.

Unfortunately lock down struck before I was able to complete the ring. It just needs one final polish and hallmarking, so hopefully Ghazala will be the proud wearer of it soon!

These four 18ct yellow gold rings have been transformed into... 

four rings to remodel

This stunner! View the video below to really appreciate how unique this ring is!

Sapphire ring almost finished

Where are the 108 stones?
This ring needs to be seen in real life to fully appreciate it, so it can be moved and viewed from all directions. Watch the video to see the twists and turns and where all the 108 stones are. 


Where are the 108 stones?
This ring needs to be seen in real life to fully appreciate it, so it can be moved and viewed from all directions. Watch the video to see the twists and turns and where all the 108 stones are.  

What's in your jewellery box? 
Do you have jewellery you don't wear any more?  It means a lot to you, but it's just not your style? If you'd like to explore remodeling then I'd be delighted to chat about the possibilities. You can email me some photos of your jewellery or we can chat over FacetTime, Whatsapp video or Zoom. Or you can read more about remodeling and also see other remodeling commissions in the gallery on my website.


Be creative, stay home and stay well everyone! 


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