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Infiltrating the gloom to add a bit of sparkle to your day!
Providing a little distraction from loo roll hunting, endless queues and lets be honest the anxiety of our situation.



What causes tarnish, how to avoid it, and how to clean your jewellery in a few easy steps!

I won't waffle here, I'll save that for the video!  It is shot on my iPhone with no editing and just me. So it may not be the most professional video in the world, but maybe that makes it a bit more natural - maybe?

With all this extra time on your hands and with spring around the corner, why not spring clean your jewellery box!? I explain what causes tarnish, how to prevent it and how, in a few easy steps, you can bring your tired jewellery back to life!

More details about jewellery care and cleaning can be found on my website

Jewellery made at home from the things we have at home

Thanks to those of you that have expressed interest in making jewellery at home.  Initially I was planning to post beading kits out to you, but the logistics of doing this whilst practicing social distancing is a little tricky.  But we wont be beaten!  All it means is, as well as being creative, we need to be imaginative and inventive to.  And we will be taking a more 'Recycled' jewellery approach instead of 'Fine' jewellery approach.

Weekend homework
This weekend have a look around the home and think about what you could potentially use. I can guarantee you will start to look at materials very differently.  A few suggestions are: a sponge, paperclips, disposable plastic cups, staples, egg boxes, foil,  post-it notes, elastic bands, ribbon, thread, beer cans, bottle tops and corks from the Prosecco you'll be drinking at the weekend!  And of course loo rolls! 

We can then get started together over Zoom with a glass of Prosecco for half an hour one evening next week and then reconvene a few days later to see what we have all created!

Remember this is meant to be fun and an opportunity to take our minds away from thinking about the current situation, to relax and to be creative.

Need some inspiration?
From a quick google search I found these examples: bracelets made from plastic bags, necklace from ring pulls, necklace and earring from bottle caps, and a button bracelet.


Be creative, stay home and stay well everyone! 


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