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Before and after remodelling an old ring into a new one

We believe that jewellery deserves better than to lie forgotten at the bottom of a jewellery box. Pieces that you no longer wear. Or inherited jewellery that isn’t quite your style (but has lots of sentimental value and memories). Why not breathe new life into it by remodelling it into a new piece? 

You can retain its sentimental value but it can be crafted into something new. Magically reincarnated into something you will love and wear. And something that you can pass on. 

A story retained. A new one created.


Lauren and Matt's story:

Lauren and Matt were looking to remodel an inherited family ring into a more contemporary style. This is how their ring was transformed into a beautiful new one!

Remodelling an old ring into a new one

Remodelling Lauren's inherited ring into a new contemproary ring

Transforming Lauren's inherited ring into a new contemporary design

Lauren's new contemporary ring

"Both Matt and I love the ring very much. We were able to show it to Matt's grandfather before he sadly passed away earlier this year. He recognised his late wife's stone straight away and was very happy with the remodelled ring, which meant a lot to both Matt and myself. Thank you so much for doing such a great job, it really is a beautiful piece of jewellery where you've managed to capture the beauty of the stone amazingly well and it's great the stone gets to live onLAUREN

Take a look at some of the remodelling work we’ve done, transforming old pieces of jewellery into something new in our bespoke Remodelling gallery 


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