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The last few weeks have been an incredible celebration of women!  Women who throughout history have influenced the direction of our personal lives and professional lives. Who have guided us and shown through example that we can also achieve great things!

This is my small tribute to the women that made sacrifices so I can live the life I do today and who inspire me in my career and personal life. 

Commemorating 100 years of the vote for women.

During the time of the British Suffragette Movement there were many brooches designed and worn as a badge of membership. They became a powerful political symbol for changing attitudes and making history! Here are a few examples that strongly depict the 3 colours synonymous to the Suffragette Movement.

 Brooches worn during the suffragettes movement


Marking International women's week

To mark International Women's Week I have chosen three influential and iconic female jewellery designers: 

Wendy Ramshaw: A hugely successful British Jeweller. One of many I studied as a student and who I continue to admire. Her work is in public collections all over the world including the Victoria and Albert Museum, Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths and Art Gallery of Western Australia.

 Wendy Ramshaw stacking rings


Suzanne Belperron (1900 - 1983): Born in Saint-Claude, France. She was an influential 20th-century jewellery designer based in Paris. She worked for the Boivin and Herz jewellery houses before the outbreak of World War II, after which she took over the Herz company, renaming it Herz-Belperron.

 Suzanne Belperron Founder of Herz-Belperron


Alma Pihl (1888 - 1976): Born in Russia, she was the only female and one of the best known Fabergé workmasters. She was a self-trained designer who started to work for Fabergé in 1909. She designed the famous Winter Easter Egg in 1913 and Mosaic Easter Egg, which now belongs to the Queen Elizabeth collection. The snowflake collection was her most famous.

Alma Pihl first womean designer for Faberge


Mothers Day - Celebrating our mums:

I certainly couldn't have achieved what have without the support of my loving and inspirational mum!  I'm marking the occasion by featuring jewellery I have made for mums who have commissioned me to make rings to commemorate special wedding anniversary.

Liz: Wearing her platinum, emerald and diamond ring, which is a simple design and reminiscent of the Art Deco style.

Mothers day. Bespoke anniversary ring: platinum, emerald, diamond


Carol: My lovely mum wearing an 18ct yellow gold ring set with a ruby to commemorate her 40th wedding anniversary.  This ring was all about the ruby and so the design was kept very simple. 

Mothers day. Ruby wedding anniversary ring: 18ct yellow gold and ruby


Lynda: Linda had a very clear idea in her mind of the design she would like which we bought alive. It was an 18ct white gold ring with a yellow gold geometric design inlayed. 

Mothers day.  Anniversary ring: 18ct yellow and white gold

Happy Mothers day to all the wonderful mums and thank you to the inspirational women that fought for change and continue to fight.  And for being an inspiring example of what is possible, and what can be achieved!


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