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OK well maybe it's not the biggest question on everyone's lips. But there's some nice history surrounding wedding rings and you can't escape their powerful symbolism...

It's believed men started wearing wedding rings during WWII when they were worn as a loving reminder of their wives and family back home.  They then gathered popularity during the 50's and 60's. This might explain why Prince Philip has never worn a wedding ring since he married Queen Elizabeth in 1947. Prince Charles wears a ring on his little finger to commemorate his marriage to the Duchess of Cornwall, but Prince William followed his grandfather and chose not to wear one at all. So what will Prince Harry choose to do? 

At the end of the day, wearing jewellery isn't everyone's cup of tea!

However there is something very poignant about wedding rings and their association with love and union, and the sense of longevity as they retain the memory of a special day, which lives on through many chapters in the shared life of two people.  If Harry chooses to wear a ring then that simple circle of gold or platinum will see so much, and go on to tell many stories... 



Fortunately for me there are many men in the world that feel the same way and I've been lucky enough to design some beautifully individual bespoke wedding rings as well as the more simple classic collections

Wedding ring collectionWEDDING RING COLLECTION

The Spirit of Jewellery: Capturing stories and moments in time

'It's the heart and the soul of jewellery which attracts me as a designer. And for the wearer it is the connections made and the new stories created'

Jewellery is about the connection you make with it. The interactions you have with it. And it’s both a physical and an emotional thing. Jewellery isn’t a throw away accessory or something forgotten, discarded at the bottom of your jewellery box. You wear it so it can talk of the connections it has to places. To people. To memory. Jewellery is a treasure to be passed down through time and generations, so old stories can be re-told and new stories made.

If you're in the throws of planning your wedding and would like to chat about commissioning a beautiful and unique wedding ring, please do get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!


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