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Infiltrating the gloom to add a bit of sparkle to your day!
Providing a little distraction from loo roll hunting, endless queues and lets be honest the anxiety of our situation.

Thank you!

Firstly, I was overwhelmed by your words of support and encouragement after last weeks Newsletter. We hear all the time that we are all in this together, and your response truly showed that, Thank you.

Get Creative
Last week I mentioned that I'd like to do my bit in helping you through this worrying time because it's a proven fact that creativity reduces anxiety and stress.  Now, I can't promise I can make you all budding jewellers by the time we come out of isolation, but I can try to inspire and get you thinking creatively.  I've put together a schedule of Isolation Daily Gems. This is something that is likely to evolve over the next few weeks as I also get inspired, and more to the point - get to grips with technology!

So on with today's Isolation Daily Gem

Celebrating Hatton Garden Artisans
In 2008 I commissioned a film called For the Love of it, which is a delightful behind the scenes film about working with Hatton Garden Artisans to produce a statement piece of jewellery I designed. This was long before video was used as widely as it is today, so I appreciate it's not that groundbreaking now, but at the time it was!  It's also a scary reminder of how much I've aged in 12 years!

If you haven't seen it, and have a spare 5 minutes (ha ha, very funny) then enjoy watching artisans demonstrating their incredible skills and talent in jewellery mounting, stone setting and polishing. 

Happy viewing!

For the love of it. Produced in 2008. Remembering Nick Philippe who is sadly no longer with us. 


Be creative, stay home and stay well everyone! 


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