Why Beskpoke?


Uniquely yours

“When you commission a piece of bespoke jewellery you’re doing so much more than buying an object. You’re buying an experience. You’re buying a relationship with the maker. You’re creating something completely unique and something to be treasured”
Where’s the story in off-the-peg? Remove the branding from something that has been mass produced and what’s left is bland and faceless. Who designed it? What inspired it? Who’s hands created it? And what makes it unique to you?

By commissioning your own bespoke piece of jewellery you are tapping into that very essence. You’re nurturing an emotional relationship with the object and the maker. You’re buying not just the beautiful object but an experience and a story that will always be yours...
Olive and Niall’s story...
For their 25th wedding anniversary Olive and Niall commissioned 2 rings. One was to remodel Olives 10th Anniversary ring into a more contemporary version of the original design and the second ring was designed to compliment and fit alongside it.

Olive's original 10th anniversary ring

To be made into a new ring using the sapphire and gold

The finished rings

Remodelled 10th anniversary ring and new 25th wedding anniversary ring

“To mark the occasion of our 25th wedding anniversary we decided to commission a ring as a companion piece to a ring we had made for our 10th wedding anniversary. Bespoke was the way forward as what we wanted was very unique as the two rings needed to fit together. We've admired Amanda's work for many years and now was the perfect opportunity to have something made by her. Amanda's knowledge and skill as a jewellery designer and maker provided us with great insight into the possibilities of the design and the process of making. We were intimately involved in the design process every step of the way. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience with an end result that was truly unique and which exceeded our expectations.” - Olive and Niall Healy


Here is their story in pictures...

Initial consultation

Ideas and sketches

Refining the shortlisted design

Using Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Preparing to melt the ring

Ring and a little extra gold added to a crucible

Starting to melt the gold

Using an oxygen torch

Melting the ring

Going... going...


Molten gold

Preparing to pour gold

Into the ingot mold

Over it goes!

Into the ingot mold

Pouring in to the ingot mold

Flowing beautifully

The gold ingot

Cast and cooling down

The gold ingot

Ready to be rolled

Using rolling mills

Working the ingot into rectangular bar

Using rolling mills

Working the ingot into rectangular bar

Almost there!

Gold formed into rectangular strip

Forging the bar

Shaping it before forming round

Beginning to form the ring

Bending round

Bending round

Little by little

Basic shape formed

Ready to be refined

Refining the shape

Teasing into shape by hand

The final shape

Formed and filed up

Forming the collet

Made to fit the sapphire

Finished collet

Fitted and soldered into place

Both rings completed

Ready for setting the stones

Setting the Sapphire

Carefully pushing the gold over the stone


Inside the ring


Brightening up the surface


Refining the square edges

The hallmark

AJM (Makers Mark), 18ct gold, London Assay Office, 2017

The Finished rings

Designed. Made. Set. Polished. Hallmarked. And ready to go!

The Finished rings

18ct Yellow Gold set with a Sapphire and 18ct White Gold set with an Aquamarine

The Finished rings

18ct Yellow Gold set with a Sapphire and 18ct White Gold set with an Aquamarine

We individually design and craft pieces from the finest materials. Whether a wedding or engagement ring. A necklace for a special birthday or a bracelet to mark an anniversary. Each piece is exclusively designed and created with integrity. Just for you .

And, with our Renaissance service we can create unique new pieces from old. Mixing past and present to create jewellery that can be cherished in the future.

If you’d like to have a chat about commissioning your own unique piece of fine jewellery then just get in touch. We can talk on the phone or you can visit us at our studio.


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