The beauty of a simple form. The charm of an enhanced function

‘I celebrate beautifully simple design. Design where the function is carefully considered and integral. Design with which you truly engage. I want my jewellery to bring a little of that into your life to enjoy’

Our design aesthetic is simple, clean, and pure. Free from clutter. We save the intricacies for hidden engineering. Smart design. Design that’s a little bit clever. That’s only visible when a surprise is magically revealed, making you smile.


Transformation and versatility. Deepening the bonds we make with jewellery.
18ct yellow gold, 2.46ct Brown Kite diamond

We elevate the simple circle to something extraordinary. We take this modest nature of the circular form and use it as a blank canvas on which to apply detail through texture and layers. The simplicity of the circle always enhancing the minimalism of our design. The symbolism and the meaning of the jewellery unfettered by fancy shapes and distraction.


Sun and Moon

18ct yellow and white gold, white diamond

Day and Night

18ct white and rose gold, white diamonds

Simple is difficult to achieve. To strip an idea right back to its component parts and find another way - something different to what’s gone before - can be challenging. But why make it easy? Doing what everyone else has done won’t make you stand out from the crowd. Pushing materials, processes and design to its limits will.


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