Transformation and versatility. Deepening the bonds we make with jewellery

TwoFold is a versatile design inspired by an intrigue: to explore why people suspend rings on chains around their necks.


It can be for many reasons. Some of them practical. An inherited ring that doesn’t fit, for safekeeping. And also for reasons that lend themselves to deeper emotional connections. Worn for luck. Or worn close to the heart so it can always be remembered.

From Pendant to Ring

18ct yellow gold and garnet

From Ring to Pendant

18ct yellow gold and garnet

A conversation piece. A flexible piece. Unique and distinct jewellery that will earn it’s own set of tales and stories: It’s own distinct narrative to be shared and passed on.

Would you like to find out more about TwoFold - the ring that’s also a beautiful pendant? See the full collection here.


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