Capturing stories and moments in time

'It's the heart and the soul of jewellery which attracts me as a designer. And for the wearer it is the connections made and the new stories created'

Jewellery is about the connection you make with it. The interactions you have with it. And it’s both a physical and an emotional thing. Jewellery isn’t a throw away accessory or something forgotten, discarded at the bottom of your jewellery box. You wear it so it can talk of the connections it has to places. To people. To memory. Jewellery is a treasure to be passed down through time and generations, so old stories can be re-told and new stories made.

“I’d never commissioned a piece of jewellery before. By working with Amanda I started to appreciate the connections we make with jewellery. It all started around 2005 with a silver and acrylic ring and bracelet for me. After that when the time came to propose it was only natural to go to Amanda for the engagement ring. Next came our wedding rings and then a Christening gift for our first son in 2011. Every piece has been designed and made for us, and every piece has its own unique tale” – Craig Becconsall, client.

Barcode Bracelet

Silver and acrylic

Engagement Ring

18ct white gold, platinum, ruby, sapphire and diamond

As an architect, Craig bought his own design aesthetic, and his influence is evident through all the pieces of jewellery he commissioned. The last piece is for his first son called Jetton. A Jetton is an ancient coin, and this is where we drew inspiration for this pendant. One side depicts the St George’s Cross representing his mother's British origin and the other side depicts a star from the constellation of the Southern Cross on the Australian flag, a symbol of his father's Australian origin.

Wedding Ring

18ct Rose and yellow gold


Silver and enamel

If you’d like to know more about commissioning your own unique piece of jewellery, please head here.


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