Craft is luxury

'Whether I use traditional skills, new processes or a combination of both, I always strive to create a luxury item. Jewellery crafted from the finest of materials and finished to the highest possible standards'

What is luxury? It certainly isn’t a brand name. Remove the branding from a thing that has been mass produced and all that remains is the thing. There’s no sense of what makes it special. What makes it luxurious.

There’s a luxury to the materials we work with intimately every day. How can there not be? Gold and platinum. Precious stones forged in fire over periods of time we find difficult to comprehend. A journey from the centre of the earth to a handcrafted piece of jewellery that takes over a billion years.


A parcel of precious gems


Melting and preparing precious metals

And there’s luxury in the skill of the maker. The craft involved in bringing a piece of jewellery into existence is at the core of the quality of the piece. We preserve the best of past craft traditions without compromise. We embrace new conventions and keep up to date with innovative technologies.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Drawing and creating designs


Creating by hand

But our skill is marrying the two in a smart and progressive way. A way that celebrates real expertise and high standards. A way that allows us to combine exceptional materials with outstanding skill to craft beautiful and distinct, luxury design.

From David to Lisa

Engagement ring - Platinum and diamond

From David to Lisa

Engagement ring - Platinum and diamond


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