My jewellery is more than an accessory,  and its value is more than its materials.
My Values and Promise to you.
Genuine + Authentic:

I design genuinely bespoke jewellery. It is not assembled from a selection of pre-made components, that is not bespoke.  Bespoke is designed from scratch for you, and for you only. I invest time in getting to know you and the special people in your lives to ensure the jewellery is right for them and you.

Honest + Trustworthy:
I continue to build on my reputation of honesty. When remodeling I work with your stones and materials and they are 100% safe with me. The metal is melted down and re-used. Or if you decide to sell it to contribute to the cost of a new piece, you receive the full sale value. 
Empathy + Warmth:
When remodeling jewellery I'm sensitive to the fact that it has a past and carries a lot of sentiment. 
Approachable + Receptive:

Patient + Caring:
I care about getting the design right and so it takes as long as it takes. Bespoke jewellery takes time.
Passionate + Enthusiastic :

I love great design!  And I'm passionate that every piece of jewellery I make is considered and 


My Mission

Delivering excellent unique design to all. Creating truly bespoke jewellery made with genuine care, passion, empathy and emotion. Connecting people and places, capturing memories & moments, celebrating special occasions and re-telling stories beginning with the outstanding craftsmanship and hands that make it.


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