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Giving back and going the extra mile

"I’m really proud to be a recognised member of the jewellery industry. To support students and graduates. To volunteer time helping maintaining standards. This is our industry: I think we’re all responsible for building our reputation all across the world…!"


Hatton Garden was once a closed shop. I was one of the first designers to start building professional relationships and working with craftsmen in the area. Before that it was really difficult to open the closed doors and break into the various cliques.

Things are better now. The jewellery trade recognises that they need to work with young designers for the survival of the industry. To pass on their skills and traditions. To maintain the highest quality of work.

Amanda Mansell and Friends (Experts in their field, coming together)

For the Love of it, preview night 2008

In 2008 I commissioned and featured in a film called ‘For the Love of it.’ The film was used by many in the industry to encourage students and designers to explore and to work with the various craftspeople in the trade.

The final elegant neckpiece

Back detail. Silver, 18ct yellow gold, red topaz, 2008

The final elegant neckpiece

Front detail. Silver, 2008

Take a look at at the video here.


Amanda offers experience, advice and guidance through talks she is invited to give and she also offers graduate internships at her studio.

Talk: Getting Started at the Goldsmiths’ Centre
This is an annual week long business development programme for recent graduates funded by the Goldsmiths’ Company. Experts from the industry are invited to give talks about their experiences and also pass on advice and guidance. Amanda has been invited to talk on several occasions over the years, enjoying giving something back to the industry through this unique and valuable programme.


Talking at Getting Started

Goldsmiths' Centre


“Amanda's journey from student to running her own studio in Hatton Garden is a valuable story for recent graduates to hear. For a number of years she has been an advocate for designers working alongside skilled craftsmen. These relationships play an important role in the survival of our craft and industry, not only by complementing each other’s work, but through the passing on of skills, knowledge and expertise” - Peter Taylor Director of Technology and Training at the Goldsmiths’ Centre
Talk: Student event at Cookson Gold
Cookson Gold is a long established UK supplier of materials to students and jewellery businesses in both the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter and Hatton Garden. They’ve been trading since 1743 though only under the name of Cookson since 1994. I was lucky enough to visit the impressive Birmingham factory where production uses both traditional and modern manufacturing processes. With so much competition from overseas it is comforting to see such a long established British manufacturer thriving after so many years. Recently they’ve increased student support by hosting late night openings and inviting established designers to talk: it was a privilege to be asked.


Cookson Gold

Supplying the trade and supporting students

Talking to students

Cookson Gold

“Amanda demonstrates that through hard work, determination, and commitment and by standing out from the crowd, you can make a successful jewellery design business in what is essentially a very competitive market. Her story is an encouraging and inspirational one for students to listen to” - Mark Adams, General Site Manager at Cookson GoldPrecious Metals

Internship: Amanda Mansell studio
These internships offer graduates the opportunity to experience all aspects of running a small jewellery business in Hatton Garden. This includes developing your making skills, building contacts, and growing your confidence and knowledge. It also looks at how to prepare and take part in fairs and exhibitions, how to approach PR and marketing opportunities, designing new collections, and working on collaborative projects.

Internships at Amanda Mansell studio

Introducing graduates to the tricks of the trade

Internships at Amanda Mansell studio

Giving graduates a peek into the jewellery trade

“Working with Amanda has been great. I’ve been able to hone and refine my skills under her watchful eye which is superb for my development. But being around all the craftspeople in Hatton garden and feeling part of the community has also helped me start to make professional connections of my own” - Tania Bryson, Amanda Mansell Intern

If you are a graduate and would like to find out more we’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch here or give us a call on 0203 492 872.


Business Improvement District (BID) Proposal board member:
A BID is a business-led partnership focused on improving and enhancing commercial areas through locally raised funding and investment. I sat on the The Hatton Garden BID Proposal Board as representative for small workshops. The BID was overwhelmingly voted for in July 2016 and a five year plan is now in operation.

I now sit on the Jewellery steering group as advisory to the BID Board. The BID will provide a collective voice for the business community, and play a vital role in enhancing the area to preserve its special assets and celebrating its uniqueness as a destination.


Hatton Garden BID

A unique visitor destination

Hatton Garden BID

The support of a business community

“The many connections that Amanda has within our jewellery industry, in particular with skilled craftsmen and small manufacturing workshops, together with her passion and enthusiasm for Hatton Garden, meant she was a valuable and positive representative for this sector during the BID proposal stage” - Gary Williams, Chair of the BID Board

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