Hatton Garden Legacy


Deep rooted in heritage and tradition

Hatton Garden is the historic beating heart of London’s Jewellery Quarter. It’s legacy lends extra authenticity and credibility to my jewellery. It's a very special piece of London’s history and it’s a privilege to be part of it.

Hatton Garden gained its name from a refined fellow by the name of Sir Christopher Hatton. A chap who by all accounts was extremely fancy on his dancing feet. He must have been quite impressive as he caught the eye of Elizabeth I (some say he was her lover!) who, in 1578, instructed the Bishop of Ely to relinquish land to him. Sir Hatton went on to become lord chancellor and earned the nickname ‘the dancing chancellor’.

Sir Christopher Hatton

Lord Chancellor, 1540

Hatton Garden continued to transform into a commercial area as the jewellery craftsmen and watch and clock makers from nearby Clerkenwell expanded into Hatton Garden. Soon after, it started to build its legendary reputation as London’s bustling Jewellery Quarter.

Architects drafts

Hatton Garden, east side, 1840

The street became a prominent cutting centre for Indian diamonds and famous for gold and platinum trading. The use of South Africa’s Kimberley diamond field boosted the diamond trade in the 1870s which, at it’s peak in 1885, recorded 67 precious stone dealers in residence. To this day, an eclectic mix of retail and trade jewellery still flourishes.

Hatton Garden


Mining diamonds

Diggers in Kimberly area. Etching, late 19th Century

Hatton Garden


Hatton Garden


Hatton Garden


Hatton Garden


Diamond trading company

Destroyed during the Blitz c.1941

Diamond trading club




A continuing evolving area...

London is a city of constant flux and development and recently the area has also become popular with website designers and advertising agencies. These companies are helping Hatton Garden proudly associate itself with a vibrant mix of creative industries and jewellery.

Hatton Garden today


Amanda Mansell is proud to be part of this incredible legacy. She was first introduced to Hatton Garden in 2001 where she rented a bench in a small workshop. Since then she has built on relationships with skilled craftsmen and moved into a larger studio. May well it continue!

Hatton Garden Business Improvement District (BID)


A unique place. A visitor destination.

A BID is a business-led partnership focused on improving and enhancing commercial areas through locally raised funding and investment. Amanda sat on the The Hatton Garden BID Proposal Board as representative for small jewellery workshops.

Hatton Garden BID proposal

Networking, 2016

Re branding Hatton Garden

Hatton Garden BID, 2016

The business community overwhelmingly voted for the BID in July 2016, and a five year plan is now in operation. Amanda now sits on the Jewellery Steering group as advisory to the BID Board. She represents designer - makers and the contribution they make to Hatton Gardens unique character.

“I’m excited to be part of this initiative. It’s important work to preserve and improve the area. And to elevate it to a higher level where it deserves to sit. This is a truly unique and special place and we need to be shouting about it from the rooftops!”

The BID provides a collective voice for the business community, and plays a vital role in enhancing the area to preserve its special assets and celebrating its uniqueness as a destination. www.hatton-garden.london

Re branding Hatton Garden

Hatton Garden BID, 2016


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