For the Love of it


Behind the studio door...

In 2008 Amanda wanted to introduce the fascinating world of jewellery making to a wider audience. She decided that a short film would be an interesting way to tell the story. To follow the whole process of designing jewellery: from inspiration, to design, to the finished piece.

This idea appealed to Amanda as she recognised that few other jewellery makers at the time were using video in this way. The result? She commissioned and featured in the 2008 short film called For the love of it.


Architectural inspiration

The Gherkin and The Lloyd's building, London

It’s a delightful behind the scenes film which follows the making of a neckpiece and bracelet inspired by London architecture. It also looks at the importance of retaining British manufacturing skills and craft.


Designer maker


Diamond mounter


Diamond mounter and watch maker

Tony D

Laser specialist


Diamond setter

Tony C

Diamond mounter



Amanda Mansell and Friends

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