Unique. Considered. Beautifully distinct.

I’ve built a business which is led by design, but my jewellery isn’t about fashion or trends. My jewellery is sensibly and rationally designed. It’s considered. Its simple. It has a lasting and pure aesthetic.
Amanda’s first class honours degree in Craft, and her MA in Metalwork & Jewellery from the Royal College of Art, has given her a unique and distinctive design foundation on which she’s built upon.

1st class BA (Hons) degree

Manchester Metropolitan University


Masters degree, Royal College of Art

She prides herself on her ability to design unique pieces with an intuitive and considered approach. Each part of the design is evaluated and engineered. Every design problem is resolved integrally - as part of the whole piece.

Over 20 years experience

Working at the bench making jewellery

But what makes her stand out from many designers is that she’s also the maker. She has over 20 years experience of working on the bench, understanding materials. She works the materials with her hands, she knows their limits and possibilities. It’s what gives her that edge.

“I've worked with many designers over the years, but Amanda's ability to understand the materials and engage with practical design solutions is something quite unique. She’ll push processes to the limits in order to achieve distinction. 'No it can’t be done' isn't in Amanda's vocabulary! Working with her pushes my skills to the limits and even makes me achieve the impossible!” - Justin, Diamond Mounter with 43 years experience
Her top Gold award winning design is typical of her design ethos. Simple and clean design. Design that elevates the minimalism of the simple circle to something extraordinary. Design that’s smart: that's only visible when a surprise is magically revealed, making you smile…


Reminiscence - The winning design (three rings in one)

18ct yellow gold, 1ct golden brown centre diamond, pavé set natural Cognac diamonds


“Amanda's three-part interlocking ring design is thoroughly developed and resolved. The judges had no hesitation in concluding that Amanda's design met Council's bench mark gold standard award and that it was definitely the best in class for precious jewellery in gold, platinum or palladium.” - Brian Hill (Council Member: Consultant Secretary) Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council Award 2016


Glittering awards ceremony

Goldsmiths' Hall


The art of design
We preserve the traditional approaches to design. But we also embrace new technologies that allow us to work in new and exciting ways to achieve our design ambitions.

The design process:

It all starts with inspiration. What moves or fascinates us. The vibrancy of the city in which we live. The intricate roof of Liverpool Street station,

the Victorian splendour of Smithfields Market, the brutalist form of the Barbican. But it can be the ordinary, too. The simple, elegant function of the lid on a takeaway coffee cup…


Design inspiration

The Barbican, London

Design inspiration

The Barbican, London

Initial design ideas

Scribbles on the back of an envelope

Selecting design to develop

Working through ideas in 3D


Finished designs

A selection of design ideas

Whatever the inspiration is, we take it and develop it in whatever way works best. From a sketch on the back of an envelope through to CAD drawings and models. Translating that flash of an idea. That moment of inspiration into a design for a fascinating and beautiful piece of jewellery...

London Liverpool Street station

Inspirations is everywhere

London Liverpool Street station

Inspiration is all around us

London Smithfield Market

Inspiration is everywhere

London Smithfield Market

Inspiration is all around us

What design will these beautiful places inspire? Watch this space... In the mean time visit our collections page to see what has already been created.


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