Indian inspired design. Global and exotic styles

Inspiration comes in many forms. Concentric was inspired by an exploration of Indian jewellery and its use of incredibly intricate filigree shapes and designs. It’s also a design that triggers other exotic references. Greek. Egyptian. And Arabic.


Pieces in the Concentric collection stem from one particular filigree shape. A classic shape that we simplified and enlarged and which evolved into a very unique and simple ring.

This was the inspiration for a full collection with an accompanying bracelet, pendant and earring set.


18ct yellow gold


18ct yellow gold

This iconic Concentric ring design was endorsed by Goldsmiths Company. They used the images on the poster and flyer to promote their prestigious Goldsmiths’ Fair in 2015. It’s since become a trademark design and is instantly recognisable as a piece of Amanda Mansell‘s classic style.

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