Design that celebrates each chapter of your journey

Chronicle is a development of the Reminiscence collection which is inspired by the Japanese Ensō. A circular shape which symbolises the beginning and end of all things. Infinity, enlightenment, togetherness. Open and closed. Wholeness and completion.


This is a collection which draws on the elegance of the simple Ensō circle. It puts a focus on mixing different golds and beautiful surface finishes to elevate the simplicity into something special.

Three rings in one. A versatile design

18ct gold

The rings can be interlocked and worn together as one stunning piece. They can be worn as individual rings. They can also be worn as stacking rings.

As a symbol for the Ensō theme of wholeness and completion they can be bought separately and collected. To mark and celebrate the passing of time, of new chapters beginning, and of milestones reached. They can be personalised with a message or a date.

Chronicle is a versatile design which offers many options and possibilities. Earrings are also available which can be worn as unassuming simple studs. Or, as your collection grows, they can be interlocked and connected to form an impressive three quarter hoop. The full collection and colour ranges or rings and earrings can be viewed at the shop.

Would you like to mark time and measure your milestones? Just get in touch or head to shop to own Chronicle.


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