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Adorn is a book that takes you on a visual journey around the body. It’s a showcase of new jewellery from across the globe features the exciting work from 200 cutting-edge designers. It looks at pieces made using the latest industrial technologies and processes. And it features on makers using traditional methods and materials.


From simple wedding or commitment rings, to elaborate body jewellery that blurs the boundaries between art and adornment. It gives you a rich source of inspiration when you’re looking to design, commission or buy your own jewellery.

Written by Amanda Mansell and published in 2008 by Laurence King. Get your copy here.

Excerpt from the introduction:

As the twenty-first century marches on, the remarkably expressive art form of contemporary jewellery maintains a driving momentum of limitless, diverse enthusiasm. It’s loved and enjoyed by the people who create it and those who wear it and collect it. As more and more independent retail spaces open up on the high street, some owned by the jewellery designers themselves, the contagious draw of contemporary jewellery continues to spread. Capturing the hearts of many whom it would not usually be accessible.

My experience as a jewellery designer and gallery owner allows me to tell the story of what lies behind each piece of jewellery. From inspiration to completion to enlighten a new and ever expanding audience of jewellery lovers.

Jewellery is for wearing. It unites with the human body. Not only the creative journey it takes from mind to manufacture, but also in its ultimate purpose. By adorning the body the art interacts with life and our personal, everyday surroundings. Transporting it from the gallery and bringing it out into the world for all to admire.

Within the pages of this book you will find a wide-ranging showcase of the work of new and established jewellery artists. As with all art forms, contemporary jewellery provides a platform from which to present, debate and challenge concerns or issues. Those surrounding preciousness and value, human existence,cultural identity and memory...


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